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When trying to install X-plane 10 I get trough the first disc but when asked to put the next one the installation software does not find the new disc inserted.

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Hi Zandman26,

Are you inserting the correct disc for the install? Depending on what scenery you selected, it may not ask for disc 2 right after disc 1.

If you put the disc in the dive when not using the installer, does it recognize the disc? Can you copy the files from the disc to another folder or the desktop?
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Hi jroberts,
Yes I followed the instructions so the correct disk was inserted. Yesterday I had a issue that disks > 1 was named on my system as 7,7GB volume, however when navigating in to it the name was XPLANE10. I retried it today and all disks where named XPLANE10 even in the label.

I have full access to the disks and solved the current region I want to fly in by just moving it of the disk and in to the correct folder on the system.
However it would be nice if I could get the installer to do this for me as it's hard tracking down the correct regions and I guess that the installer also adds the safety of rollback if copying would not exit correctly.
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Hi Zandman26, 

What version of the installer are you using? You can find it by right clicking and picking "properties" on Windows or "Get Info" on Mac. If you are using anything except version 3.40r3, please go to the downloads page on our site and download the installer again. I just heard we may have had old versions available by mistake but the site should be updated now.

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Unlike Windows, simply removing the DVD and inserting a new one presents a problem for Linux. Linux will think the old DVD is still in the drive because it was mounted vice being unmounted using the eject command.

An easy solution, when X-Plane asks for the next DVD, right click on the DVD drive and select EJECT. Remove the DVD and place the required one in the tray and close it. Linux will understand that the previous DVD was removed and mount the subsequent DVD.
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I was having the same issue.  Your eject drive solved teh issue. Thanks