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I have an Ubuntu Linux machine with an ASUS EAH6850 graphics card

I get the following message when trying to install X-Plane 10

"X-Plane does not support the Gallium driver stack"

When I execute "lspci : grep VGA" it returns this

"VGA Compatible Controllers: Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.[AMD/ATI] Barts Pro [Radeon HD 6850"

I've tried to find the correct driver to use with the Synaptic Package Manager, but have been unsuccessful.

Does anyone know which driver package I should install?


Ed Baker


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On the system requirements page the only reference to Linux drivers is:

"When running X-Plane on Linux, please note that you must install the proprietary Nvidia or AMD drivers. X-Plane will not run using Gallium or Mesa open-source drivers."

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Yes. I know that.

My question is where can I find it?

Can you recommend a package name that can be downloaded with Synaptics Package Manager.