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the game will not let me activate the same product key I unlocked with. It is as if the product key stopped working. I do not understand how this could happen. I was able to use the game fine for over a month and now when I launched it today it asked me to unlock full version if it was already unlocked.

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Hi raptor0125,

I am not from Laminar Research; just a flight simmer from downunder.

Normally when a download version is upgraded it does not cause or create a problem you describe.  When you run a DVD version you have to have disc 1 in a DVD drive at all times.  When you run a digital download version you have to be connected to the internet at all times.  Whether you run a dvd version or digital download version the software performs a silent check to determine if you are running a legal copy or running two versions at the same time.

There are many others who have experienced the same problem as you.  

To the best of my knowledge the only legal digital download version available is from Laminar Research.  Any other sellers are most likely selling a "dodgy" or pirate copy. Where did you purchase your copy from?

If you purchased from g2a then it is 99.9% confirmed it is a pirate copy.  Have a look at all of the problems listed under this link found at  


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This happened to me also. I bought a X-Plane key from G2A, and used it for over half a year until one day it just suddenly stopped working.

I Tried contacting the person who sold me the key via G2A (Eche87685), but He/She just ignores me.

I asked for help from Laminar Research, but they just told me that "my key had been either bought using a stolen credit card or the original purchaser deactivated it for money", and give me a link where to buy a "legit key" :(

I asked for help from G2A's own support, they just tell me to contact the seller (who doesn't answer to me).

I tried claiming a refund through PayPal, but I just got an automatic response that my claim has been denied, because it has been over 180 days since the transaction happened.

If I had bought the key using credit card, I could have had one more chance to get my money back. But at this point it looks like I lost my 27.71€ for good :(

So I would recommend NOT to buy X-Plane keys from G2A, or any of these "marketplace sites".

Did you buy from the same seller "Eche87685"? Did you get your money back?