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I recently downloaded x-plane 11 and seem to find the FMS-CDU on the B737-800 really different.  I am not finding the perf page so that i can insert fuel, cg, flaps etc.  so this means i cannot generate any v-speeds.  Do i have to find an update?


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While the Laminar default FMC is good for getting you from airport A to airport B along waypoints and SID/STAR, a lot of details have simply been omitted.  For those missing features, you need a custom FMC found in payware aircraft.

Luckily, if it’s the B737 that you’re interested in flying, have you tried the Zibo 737-800X?  It’s an excellent freeware mod of the default B738.  It includes a custom FMC that rivals many of the top payware aircraft.

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