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I bought my key 2 years ago and just started coming back. But after I tried using the key it fave that error message. I bought my key straight from x-plane. I have already contacted them but havent got any response. Is it just me?

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Hi leggoreggo,

I am not from Laminar Research; just a flight simmer from down under.

There are many flight simmers like you who lose their product key and ask for a method of recovery.  Their problem mostly relates to losing the product key because they did not file the info away to a safe place so they could recover it in the future.

You will not get a response in this forum in providing your key.  All you will receive from other flight simmers is to make a private contact with Laminar.  Laminar does not divulge private information in this open forum.

In the first instance try this link found at   Make sure when providing your email address in the "black box" you use the exact email address used at the time of purchase.  Some flight simmers make the slightest error in their email address and then want the email address corrected  to what it should be.

 If that does not work then contact Laminar directly at [email protected]  When you do, you should also provide details of the date of purchase, email address used at the time of purchase, any receipt numbers issued, method of payment ie what credit card you used, and full details of the product key supplied at the time of purchase which relates to the version of X-Plane purchased.


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Hi leggoreggo,

Have you had any luck with getting your product key?