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Hello everyone, can I buy a game x-plane 11 and record a video for this game and share it on YouTube and make money on it? Thank!

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Hi Heisenberg,

X-Plane is not a 'game'. It is a professional flight simulator.

And yes, you can buy it, record a video, even share it on youtube. And if you are lucky you will get paid for it.
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Thank. Is it a precise information? Perhaps there is a user agreement clause where it is said?

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Hi Heisenberg,

I am not from Laminar Research; just a flight simmer from downunder.

Answers on this forum are generally made from other flight simmers regarding actual problems when flying or using X-Plane.

I am of the opinion that your original question and subsequent comment is not a flying problem but a user problem.  You should contact Laminar Research direct at info@x-plane.com to obtain a definative answer to your overall problem(s).


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