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Hi in the cockpit of the 737 does not have all of its switches functioning properly.  For example the fuel pump switches go down 2 at a time and the window heat switches go all together and I can't even press the L and R pack switches.  Is there a way for those switches to go down 1 at a time and for the L and R pack switches to function?

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You can’t change those things.  That is the level of details which Laminar has intended to implement.  But if it’s the Boeing 737-800 that you’re interested in flying, why not give the excellent Zibo Mod a try?  It is superior in every way than the default B738 from which it was based: system details, flight model, avionics, FMC, immersion, continuous improvement and so on; except for the lower framerate.  And it is free.

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How to I down load that zibo mod?
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Installation information is here:

Look for and download the file with the name “…rc3.0_FULL_...” first (2GB zip).

When the new plane works out, you can download the one latest patch to update it.