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Hello dear community

Sometimes( not always, but almost always), when I fly with my B777-300ER, the cockpit-instruments shut down. Each screen is black, and every light in the airplane disappears. When I press the buttons nothing happens. (I have custom failures off btw.) Then the airplane is flying circles until the fueltanks are empty. The engines are still working, but everything else turns off.

I really dont know, what the problem is. I also tried to uninstall some plugins wich I have installed lately, but it still does not work. Maybe it happens because of the Ortho4xp files I have installed...Idk

I am thankful for every help

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Ortho4Xp scenery files, and scenery files in general have nothing to do with aircraft function.  I suspect your FF777 install is corrupt, or need to see if it needs updating since you purchased it. (check version installed vs version on the website where you purchased it, download newer if needed and clean reinstall aircraft.

typically should clean install aircraft, unless mfg notes specifically say you can update by replacing existing files in the aircraft folder.

I also know that most addon aircraft mfg do not want you to install the aircraft in the default LR subfolder under aircraft folder.  you should create new subfolder called FlightFactor or FF or B777 or whatever you like under the aircraft folder and install the plane in there.

one other tip is to get XOrganizer (available on the Org Store) if you dont have it, works wonders at straightening out scenery plug in conflicts, also tells you if stuff is installed incorrectly or missing as well.