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I've had XP11 for about a year.

It periodically asks me to re-enter my activation code ... every 2-3 days. I have the digital download version, not DVD. Currently on XP11.34. 

As I recall, this has been happening right from the very beginning, or maybe it just started when I loaded a 2nd copy of XP in a different folder.

This re-activation has happened so frequently that the X-Plane folk actually disabled my code, claiming it had been used to activate on too many different machines. Yet I've only ever used it to activate XP on a single laptop (high-end). They re-activated my code, but I fear it's just going to get deactivated again ... for the same reason as before.

See attached. This entry in log.txt seems suspicious???

What's happening? Why is XP not remembering/decoding my activation key?

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Hi S550-Pilot,

I am not from Laminar Research, just a flight simmer from downunder.

To run the digital version of X-Plane you have to be connected to the internet at all times and have entered your product code when asked to do so at the initial installation.  What then occurs is the software performs a non-announced and non-regular silent background check to ascertain that you are running a legal copy of X-Plane while you are running X-Plane for your own use.

If you are not connected to the internet when the check is performed it will issue the message you get resulting in activation of your copy of X-Plane for further use.  On the reverse side unless you are connected to the internet at all times you run the risk of being locked out permanently.

On the basis that I may have missed something you should attach your log.txt file rather than an image of part of the file as it is not readable in its current form.

You attach the file as advised in the following link found at

Good luck



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@glenfer - thanks for your reply. Every thing you say is correct. No arguments.

However - I am DEFINITELY connected every time I start-up XP.  I know this for a fact because it's my habit to check XP11 weather every time before I fly, and the weather screen always says "Downloaded just now". Connection is not the problem.

I'm attaching log.txt here as you asked. See line 164. BTW, you can easily view the writing in my screenshot above by simply zooming your browser. The text there is perfectly readable once you get to 150-200% zoom.

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Thank you for the log.txt file.  It tells me a few things about your installation.

X-Plane does not install on any PC or laptop like any other shoot-em-up games or flight simulation packages where they install all over or throughout your operating system files. It has to be totally installed in its own directory or on the desktop.  

I don't know the structure of your laptop and how many drives you have.  My reading tells me you have an extra drive designated "D" where X-Plane is a sub directory under a directory called "Programs"

The  recommended installation is as detailed in the manual which can be found at  under the heading of DVD Installation.  Alternatively, as I have done, you can install XP onto a dedicated drive as a standalone directory but not not as a sub directory.   If you purposely want X-Plane on your "D" drive then your installation should be "D:\X-Plane 11|..." and not as shown in the log.txt file.

From previous postings in this forum, "jroberts" a Laminar Research staffer has quite often stated that X-Plane should not be installed as a sub,directory of a higher ranked directory as problems may occur.  More so if installed within windows.

My advice is as follows:-

1.  As you have added 3rd party add-on plugins copy this whole directory with subdirectories onto a suitable sized USB stick for re-installation at a later stage.

2.  Delete all versions of X-Plane on your laptop.  Why you have 2 copies you haven't indicated.  There should be no remnants anywhere on your laptop to avoid any intermixing of copies. 

3.  Download the latest version of the "Installer" file from Laminar Research.

4.  Using the current version of the installer file reinstall X-Plane to your choice of location.  If it is on to the "D" drive, make sure it is as "D:\X-Plane 11\ ..."  Not something else.  During the installation process you will be asked for the product code.  At the end of the installation process you should have a "clean skin" new or fresh installation of X-Plane.

5.  If you have original versions of all of your plugins install them one at a time as a "clean skin" installation.  Otherwise copy the plugins directory from the USB stick back into the newly created.

If done systematically you should not have the on-going problem.

As an addition:-

1.  How have you installed the Saitek/logitek joystick?  No Logitech hardware will work satisfactorily if not through X-Plane.  If you have used the logitech software let me know and I will advise on a solution.

2.  Are you able to overclock your i7 CPU?  Your CPU is 2.8 GHz where as the current recommended CPU speed for X-Plane is 3.00 GHz.

Good luck with the "fresh" installation.


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@glenfer - Hi Glenn, thanks again for additional hel;p.

>>  quite often stated that X-Plane should not be installed as a sub,directory of a higher ranked directory

OK. I seemed to have missed that detail. As you've seen, I've installed this copy in D:\Programs\X-Plane. I'll go ahead and move it to D: root.

>> Delete all versions of X-Plane on your laptop.  Why you have 2 copies you haven't indicated

Like many flyers, I have one copy of XP11 stable in the one folder, and the latest beta (to try out) in the other. I prefer to have 2 copies like this. I'm going to try NOT delete all other copies. This deployment model is completely supported by XP installer, and shouldn't be breaking the activation mechanism.

>> How have you installed the Saitek/logitek joystick?  

The joystick is 100% recognized and functional with no additional 3rd party drivers installed. I just plug-n-played the joystick. It works 100% right out of the box.

>> Are you able to overclock your i7 CPU?

Yes. The Turboboost function normally tunes the I7 upto 3.2gHz during normal play. I get good 30-40 fps rates. No problems there.

Thanks again. I'll try the move to D: root to see if that fixes the problem.


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Hi Dave,

Thank you for your comments.  Appreciated.

You would have to be the luckiest x-plane flight simmer in the world to be able to direct connect a Saitek/Logitech hardware item and have it work as this brand is well known not to work with X-Plane.   My advice to other flight simmers experiencing problems with this brand is to perform a total file removal using a good quality removal sotware and then reinstall through X-Plane.  Then with the software put it in the bin or better still if able dig a deep hole and bury the software never to be seen again.

The same relates to any saitek/logitech instruments.  Because they also cause difficulties a special program has been written by an experienced flight simmer for these items to work.  Details can be found at  To download the software you have to sign/login to the forum

In the meantime good luck.