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I have an FAA approved version of X-Plane on a Precision Flight Controls CAT III simulator. I am running a quad core windows 7 unlimited system on this simulator, with a recent NVIDIA GE-Force graphics card with lots of dedicated graphics memory that is 4 years old. Can I run X-Plan 10 on this system, or should I get X-Plane 9.

Also: I need to keep X-Plane 8.4 installed on this computer as it is the only version that is FAA approved. Can I install 9 or 10 and keep 8.4 for the FAA approved work? There are planes that need 9 or newer to run that we would like to work with (not under the FAA approval) on the same system.




Larry Uzelac

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Hi Larry,

Here are our recommended computer specs for X-Plane 10. You can also try the free demo and see if it works ok for you on your computer. It has limited scenery and only 15 minutes of time, but other than that it's exactly the same as the default sim. You can even try your planes in it.

You can keep as many versions of X-Plane installed as you have room for. You would only encounter a problem if you tried to run more than one of them at a time. Just make sure the folders are labeled well so you know which is which. ;)