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I have to download the (purchased) version 11 software from a different location than I will be running due to very slow internet speeds at my home.

Now when I try to run I get the error

X-Plane cannot open the graphics interface file.
It appears you have moved the X-Plane program out of the X-Plane 11 folder.
X-Plane cannot run like this. You can create a shortcut to X-Plane if you want, but you must not move the X-Plane application itself out of the X-Plane 11 folder that it came in.

I am running Windows 10 64 bit, NVidia Quadro 4600, 16GB.  X-Plane 11 folder is on a non-system hard drive that I have full R/W privileges on.

I have tried doing an update as suggested in another post and it did not work for me.

How do I fix this?

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First, Please confirm you did NOT move the X-Plane executable out of the X-Plane folder. You would need to download the full install on the other computer, then copy the entire thing to the new computer.

Did you get any errors when you did the update? Please attach a copy of the log.txt from seeing this error when launching X-Plane.