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I've been experiencing a very frustrating problem related to X-Plane 11. Every time I fly with the program the flight view changes randomly to an exterior view  of the plane, and I see how the flaps open. I have absolutely no control over this action, which has caused problems during my flights.

It happens with both original X-Plane 11 planes and other planes I have purchased, no matter the scenery. I have the Pro Flight Yoke System and have tried changing the controls. However, I am still experiencing the same problem.

When I activate the autopilot everything is fine. I remove it and the problem returns.

I don't know what else to do or try, but I assure you it is impossible to fly this way.

Is there any solution to this problem?

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I'm not with Laminar, just a simmer.
Try deleting the prefs.txt from the root X-Plane11 directory. I can only assume it must have a binding which is associated with the joystick.
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I do not see the prefs.txt file in the root directory of X-plane.

The closest thing is in the X-plane 11 - output  - preferences directory.

That folder is already deleted  it and it was regenerated automatically.

The problema continues.

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