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I  recently downloaded the XP 11 demo, and I am enjoying the weather, moving traffic, and other goodies that I don’t currently get with my main sim, Aerofly FS2.  However, before I am willing to pull the trigger on a full purchase I would like to know if some of the screenshots and videos I see on many websites that often depict bright sunny skies are really the way XP11 should look.  In the demo, even with weather set to clear and the time of day at high noon I get an almost twilight, washed out look.  I am pretty sure my PC can run XP11 (AMD Ryzen 5 2600 6 3.4 GHz, GTX 1080ti 11gb, 16 gb memory, Win 10 64bit) and my graphics in FS2 are bright and crisp when set to midday.  I hope there is something I am missing or doing wrong, because I really like everything else I am seeing in the demo!

Thanks for any advice.


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There is no difference between the demo and the full version, so if your machine runs the demo, it will run the full version. Regarding the washed out look, I'm not sure I've noticed... to me, it looks VERY real – especially after I generated high resolution scenery using Ortho4XP. It's absolutely amazing.

I purchased X-Plane years ago and most recently purchased XP11 and absolutely LOVE it! The realism and flight model can't be beat from my experience. Plus, the Flight School section is quite amazing (IF ONLY THERE WERE MORE OF THEM... HINT HINT Laminar Research!). I'm a pilot, but haven't flown in years, so it's a good refresher. Again, I just wish there were a ton more of them!
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The washed out look is in no way like xplane. In reality, it is quite the beautiful simulator. Sunrises and sunsets have great lighting. I push you to get it, you will not regret it.

PS, get rid of the traffic in the main game. It lags you like crazy, and sometimes they get in the way. Watch a tutorial for this.