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I am crashing to desktop regularly with the "out of range vector" error.  I don't even know what it is,  much less how to stop it.  Out of range of what?  I do not use ATC, no Pilot Edge, no Vatsim, and the boxes in the menu for ATC communications are unchecked.

About half the time, I am prompted to send a crash file, which I have done repeatedly.

This usually happens on decent when everything had been going smoothly.  

I have World Traffic 3, which I am thinking might be the plugin causing the crash, but others with this software fly without issues.

If X-Plane would give me some clue in English that I could use to troubleshoot, it would be helpful.

I know, you can't help me fix my X-Plane, but perhaps you could shed some light on what is occurring when this error ends my flights.

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