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So i am planning on building a simple but good sit in cockpit. I don't know very much about sims so have a lot of questions. Does X-plane 11 have a good player controlled ATC? How does that work.

Will all this hardware work and if not what would i need to upgrade/ change?


Would this work to run Xplane 11 plus all the hardware i am running? Would i need to get another stick of 8gb ram?

Monitor and stand:

Is there a way where i can have the two outside monitors at 45 degrees and have the view of that using x plane11?

Pedals, throttle, and rudder:

Would this work?


Would all these work and would i be able to program the switches? Thanks

Thank you, please let me know if all this will run smoothly with good graphics and what i should upgrade/ replace.

Thank you very much

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First, I’ll start with mentioning that I am not qualified to give you adequate feedback since I myself don’t have a “sit-in” cockpit.  But I will attempt to comment briefly on each of the hardware in your list.  Hopefully, that can serve as a partial answer; and someone else can provide you with additional responses to give you a complete picture.

This PC is inadequate.  Its CPU, GPU and RAM are notably below Laminar’s specifications—particularly the GPU.   See requirement at  The performance of your GPU and CPU are especially critical, given you may wish to sim with triple displays…

Displays: To run the sim on triple displays, I prefer to have monitors of equal size and resolution.

T16000M is a nice stick and a very good value.  I would point out that while the stick itself is ambidextrous (a rare find), but if you pair it with the TWCS throttle unit, the stick will have to be positioned on the right, throttle on your left.  That is contrary to most “sit-in” cockpit arrangement—from the pilot’s seat.

The Saitek switch panel is OK.  Though it seems more suitable for piston aircraft.  I don’t know the type(s) of aircraft you intend to operate.  As for the other two panels, I have not seen them being used in X-Plane’s arena.  Please make sure they are X-Plane compatible before buying.

A final note: X-Plane can be configured to run under a wide range of graphic settings.  Needless to say, high graphic details yield better sim experience, and proportionally come at a high cost.  To run X-Plane 11 on multi-display “smoothly with good graphics”, a high-end system is required.

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Ok thank you for the feedback!!

A few more questions:

As far as computers i am trying to find something that would fit the criteria while staying sub 600 dollars. Any idea where i could find that?

Monitors: Is having the same size monitors a preferance or a need? I think i would like having the front monitor the biggest and the sides smaller. Would it still work like that? Thanks

Flight instruments:

As far as flying i am hoping to do everything including FSX and DSC world. How would i find out if the VRinsight products are compatible? Thanks!
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With a $600 limit, it would be difficult to find a PC that could offer high-end performance, let alone good triple-monitor performance.  I expect the graphic/texture details and the density of the ground objects will have to be set below medium given such a machine.  More horsepower is needed if you consider using X-Plane for serious simulation.

Having monitors of the same size is a preference, not a requirement.  27” vs. 24” is not much of a difference.  X-Plane’s graphic settings is quite versatile for allowing X/Y offsets and pixel size compensations.

In the VRInsight links from your post, each product includes a “Compatibility” section, listing compatibility icons.  I just don’t see an X-Plane 11 icon in neither of the panels you’re interested in.
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And if the instruments are not compatible would i be able to download drivers to make them compatible or is there any way to fix there compatibility?
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Hi Icedstorm777,

I am not from Laminar Research  or have any connection with XForcePC; just a flight simmer from downunder.

On the basis you have not made any purchases as yet and live in the USA I respectfully suggest you have a good look at some of the videos at the following link found at produced by Michael Brown.

Michael operates a business called XForcePC that specialises in building PCs predominantly for X-Plane.  This business is supported by Laminar Research as the preferred supplier of PCs for X-Plane.  The link to the business can be found at  This link has a contact number at the top right corner.  My understanding is MIchael will discuss your needs/requirements.

My strong suggestion for the best performance use an NVidia graphics card and an Intel processor.  Until X-Plane is Vulkan(?) compliant any AMD product is down on performance.  In the first link I gave you Michael regularly does comparison tests between AMD and NVidia/Intel products and AMD falls behind.

Once you decide on your instruments and hardware (throttle etc) you connect/install  them through X-Plane.  No other way.  Again see some of Michael's videos.  If you purchase Logitech/Saitek hardware dig a hole and bury the software before you open the disc cover.  Install through X-Plane.  The software for your instruments  have to be treated the same way and the following software found at  has to be used.  This software has been written by a dedicated X-Plane user.  the catch is you have to login to the site and register before you download.

If you are not in the USA have a good look at the links provded anyway.

Good luck and welcome to X-Plane.


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Thank you very much! I am conntacting him now. Just to be clear an AMD graphics card would still work it just wouldn't be as good? Thank you very much!

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Hi Gracen,

AMD GPUs and CPUs will work with X-Plane but will not give you the best performance.

X-Plane is unlike any other "shoot-em-up" or flight sim packages whereby you just hookup your hardware and it works. The only way you will get your hardware to work is install each individual item separately through X-Plane.  As I have also said above the instruments, especially saitek/Logitech products have to installed using the software developed in the link mentioned above.

Don't waste your time trying to download updated drivers etc.  They won't work. As I have said install through X-Plane.  NO OTHER WAY

In relation to your possible purchase from XForcePC, hardware and instruments are available for purchase and are configured by Michael for best performance before your unit leaves the store.

I totally agree with the comments made by disc in his repsonses to you regarding all aspects of your intended purchase.  

X-Plane is resource hungry particularly the CPU and GPU and generate a significant amount of heat.  As a consequence you need good cooling within your PC otherwise the PC will crash.  This is not mentioned in the Laminar specifications.

To run what is your proposed system you also need a good power supply.  You should be considering at least a 700w  unit.  The unit you are looking at is underpowered at 500w.

In looking at the link for the PC you want to purchase head the warning.  The seller does not accept returns.  This means you have no warranty claims.

Your hard drive capacity is extremely small.  The 125GB SSD drive is only suitable for your operating system and other non flight sim software.  You should consider looking at an additional drive (SSD) of 1TB capacity  dedicated for x-plane.  If you want to dabble in other flight sim packages then consider a 2TB SSD drive.

Why FSX?  It is obsolete and no longer supported by Microsoft and it is 32 bit technology where as X-Plane is 64 bit technology.

You will not go wrong with MIchael Brown.  He will give you the "good oil"  If he fails then his business will decline.

Good luck with your purchase.


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Ok so i can't get an answer from X-force. If i am looking for something similair to what i planned on using for the flight instruments what are my other options? I found a good GPS module and a good switch panel for gear flaps etc. Where else can i found not super expensive instruments. Being that i am 14 i am hoping to keep the overall project sub $2500. Thanks
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So after further thought these is probably going to be my setup.

I am having a computer custom built by a friend, good graphics card good CPU 1TB hardrive.

I will be using the originally linked stick, throttle, and pedals.

I will be doing a triple monitor setup with one monitor dead in front of me and the other two at 45 degrees. Monitors used will be between 24-27 inch but are still TBD. (BTW is it possible to have the monitors not be straight in front of me, does X plane let you do that?

So now the fun part, instruments. I have a few questions on this. After further though i am planning on using Air manager on a fourth monitor. I Will be using this ONLY for my 6 flight instruments. Is it free? Do you have to buy the instruments seperately or do they come with the app? How much will having a fourth monitor AND Airmanager running with X plane 11 slow it down? I am planning on building a "panel" for the monitor so it doesn't look like a monitor but looks like real instruments. Is airmanager a good software? Would yall reccomend it? Also do you think i need a fourth HDMI port for the fourth monitor or can i just plug it in to a USB port with an adapter? Do you think i need a touch screen monitor?

With airmanager as my "six pack" of instruments i am still getting two other avionics panels.

For gear, flaps, etc.

And this for GPS navigation. I would love to skip this by using air manager, is that possible? If i do end up skipping this and using air manager is there any way i can add some turnable knobs that i could plug too my computer that will function with air manager to look around and navigate the GPS screen?



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Hi Gracen,

I have read through your original question and subsequent comments with disc and myself.

I hope you haven't rushed out a started to purchase bits and pieces.

I have no connection with any of the sites or products I mention below but I have used their knowledge base to make my decision on my new setup(s).

As someone who is old enough to be your Great Grandfather I cannot stress enough you need to do your research before you embark on your financial outlay considering you have a budget limit.

With your now current proposal that research is necessary. 

Did you try to make contact during Independence Day celebrations?  Don't give up on trying to contact Michael Brown.  If you go to the following link you will find a phone number (if you are in the USA) and also have a look at his minimum flight sim package.  The link is found at  Scroll down the page and you will find the specifications for this unit and also take the time to watch the video produced by MIchael further down the page.   Consider the messages he gives on what components to use. 

My system is in the process of being rebuilt and is based on a high end PC to run my aircraft out of cockpit view with three 43inch FHD televisions connected to the GTX1080 graphics card.  Although I do have the saitek switch panel it will be used and I also have the saitek radio panels (2 units and saitek yoke and two throttles. This unit will run X-Plane.  I also have another high spec (at the time of purchase/build) PC that will be linked (networked) with the other PC to run AirManager for the purpose of showing my aircraft instruments.  Attached will be a 24 inch touch monitor.  The whole system is built around the work done by Russ Barlow's videos.  The link is provided below.   

With regard to the displays consider using FHD televisions.  They will work provided the TVs have HDMI connections and your graphics card has at least 3 HDMI ports along with a display port (4 connections in total).  This may allow you to use 3 screens of the same size.  This is also emphasised in the videos by Russ Barlow and Michael Brown.

The proposed monitor stand will not give you the 45 degree angle viewing.  You may need to use table of sufficient size to stand your screens on giving you the ability to set them up at 45 degrees to each other.  Russ also goes into setting up your screens.

In regard to the Saitek switch panel (which I have) and you chose to use it, as soon as you open the box dig a large hole in your back yard and bury the software.  The same applies for any other Saitek/Logitech units whether they are instruments or hardware items.  There is no other way.  For the switch panel you need to download the following software found at  the software is written by Sparker who is an experienced and long time user of X-Plane.  Others may tell you differently.  Don't waste your time on downloading saitek software updates.

In relation to your flight controls I have only the Thrusmaster joystick.  It will be installed when I cross over to helicopters.  I will most likely have to purchase the throttle component.  All hardware has to be configured through X-Plane.  The throttle and joystich have to be configured independently  No other way.  The advantage with recent updates is you can configure the joystick and or throttle for individual aircraft  then save for that aircraft whereas before  when you fly a different aircraft you had to reconfigure at the time of wanting to run X-Plane. 

In relation to Airmanager I will be using my 24 inch touch monitor for most of my planned use aircraft.  If and when I chose to fly the C130 Hercules I will most likely use what is now my obsolete 27 inch monitor just to fit the simulated instruments.  Airmanager is now the package to use over and above a package called Panel Builder (PB) from Simplugins.  I have an older version of PB but not installed.

Airmanager is not free.  The purchase site can be found at   Spend some time in giving the site a thorough search.  A lot of information.  If you have any queries send Ralph an email.  Ralph is only too pleased to help out.  I have even phoned for assistance despite a 8 hour time lag difference with the Netherlands and downunder.  SimInnovations now market the "knobster", a switching control used with airmanager and the touch screen.  It was developed by Russ Barlow.  Not only are predefined instrument panels made available with the software but customised panels are also available at additional cost 

This site may be of some help as well found at  I have not trawelled through the comments.  What I suspect where comments have been made by LNRalph it is from Ralph at Siminnovations.

Now regarding Russ Barlow.  The link to his video site can be found at  Take your time in viewing all these links if you want to understand what airmanager is about.  I cannot stress this enough.   Russ is one of the developers of AirManager.  He is located in the USA.  I became interested in this site as he was working on the development of version 3.0 when the official release of Airmanager remained in 2.8 (?)  There is a lot of "good" information provided by him.  Russ was also involved with the "knobster" now market by Siminnovations.  There are a few videos that are not relevant.

Russ also discusses setting up your main screens (4 videos) including where you need to sit for best benefit.  He also has a lot of discussion on the use of the touch screen and particularly any loss of frame rates.  

I have used Russ' videos to purchase and plan the setup for my new arrangement.  If you have some queries make contact with him.  I have a few time and he is quite helpful.

Now I also stress again in having a "good" look at the videos from Michael Brown. Take your time.  Either take notes or bookmark the video for reference at a later date I have already given you a link regarding the building of a PC.  Consider the message he provides about components.  Consider the reference about using a SSD drive versus  a hard drive unit.  The good thing about building a PC is you can upgrade components as you go.  Here is the link again for all of Michael's  videos found at

In these videos Michael discusses using Airmanager in several videos, including frame rate loss, and he has recently produced at least two  video on installing the GPS530  unit you plan to use. 

I think Russ Barlow discusses the installation of the GPS unit.

Take your time in the planning of your system.

Send me a private message when you have decided on the building of your cockpit.

Good luck and apologies for the long comments.