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I have a joystick (Black Widow Vibration) that works perfectly fine in v.10 (via USB to iMac) but refuses to work in v.11. Interestingly v.11 allows me to centre and calibrate the joystick (no picture shown), and movements are registered in the sliding bars in this process, but the data in/out in the program shows no input being made. It makes me wonder about bothering to buy the whole new version if I have to buy a new joystick as well. Any ideas?

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Make sure the joystick has been calibrated and has buttons and axes assigned. There is no default configuration for this stick provided with X-Plane.

For additional help, attach a copy of the log.txt and possibly screenshots of the joystick settings screen.
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Thanks. I discovered that it was the assignment of the axes that was missing. All sorted now.

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