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I am asking when I have the 

Boeing 777 Worldliner Professional for 59 $

if i can upgrade to the 

Boeing 777 Worldliner Pro- Extended Pack for 89$

 Thanks for answers.

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Hi Tim,

I am not from Laminar Research; just a flight simmer from downunder.

Because you have purchased a 3rd party addon aircraft you need to ask your question with the reseller.

Laminar Research, found at X-Plane.com, does not sell 3rd party addon aircraft.  However, they do supply aircraft within the X-Plane software.  You are currently in the forum supported by Laminar Research

You may be getting confused with X-Plane.org who specialises in selling "lots of stuff"  including 3rd party aircraft.  This reseller has no connections with Laminar.  If your reseller was X-Plane.org then you need to contact them for a resolution to your question.

Good luck


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