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T1600M Thrustmaster. Lost my calibration on the Throttle. Try to Calibrate but will not accept it.  Also I have a steady White Message reversed from Magenta "Multiple Axes assigned to Throttle". I cannot get rid of it.  So no throttle at all.

Any help please.

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I am not from Laminar Research; just a flight simmer from downunder.

In setting up hardware for X-Plane it is unlike any other shoot-em-up games or flight sim packages.  You have to set it up in X-Plane.  No other way.  Not even through your operating system.

By doing it through X-Plane you can make slight variations to the joystick calibration for different types of aircraft and then give it a name.  This saves you the problem of starting afresh for each aircraft.

On the basis you have not set it in X-Plane follow the following advice.

  1.   Delete the files created for the joystick as part of the installation process; then
  2.   Read the relevant section in the User Manual found at ; then
  3. Connect your joystick; then 
  4. Start X-Plane and select a new flight; then 
  5. When aircraft appear move your mouse to the top right corner of the screen and click on the small icon showing three vertical lines; then 
  6. The settings menu should show; then
  7. Move your mouse cursor to the left from the "General" tab to the "Joystick" tab; then 
  8.  A picture should appear showing a representation of your thrustmaster unit; then
  9. Assign instructions to each button or slider in the numbered order.  If you want a certain button to perform a certain function then you will have to find the assignment and select the instruction; then
  10. Save the calibration with a name eg aircraft type; then
  11. For a different aircarft using the same throttle repeat points 9 and10; then  
  12. When all assignments have been completed  select done.

What you need to ensure is you do not assign two processes to the one button or slider and make sure you do not assign more than two buttons or sliders to the one assignment.

Now if confused have a look at the following links found at  and then

Hope this helps and good luck.



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Hi Glenn

Thank you for taking the patience of answering in detail. As it happens I am also from downunder.

I believe I have already followed the procedure you have outlined.

The hardware controls are the TWCS Throttle and the T16000M FCS

(Note that the T16000M has a little Lever Throttle at the base of the Yoke which works perfectly).

I still have a persistent problem which inhibits me from taking off using the Throttle on the TWCS throttle handle however.

I am using Windows 7 Premium, XP11 Ver 11.34 64 bit, no pedals, no special yokes.  Also a registered version of X-Camera whereby I assigned about 20 camera views and controls using both hardware components.

The Lever Throttle on the T16000M could be part of the problem. Because it rubs under my arm when I am operating the Joystick, I use the other throttle handle on the TWCS.  Never any problems on FSX or indeed XP 11.  It gives me more dexterity and no unexpected fluctuations in speed).  Therefore I taped down this Lever Throttle.

As of writing, all stock aircraft and a Zibo Boeing on XP11 are working fine using the Hand Throttle still with the Lever Throttle taped up.  Importantly, the TWCS Throttle works fine with all of these planes too.

Of late I installed the Carenado S550 Citation and worked fine for two weeks.  But all of a sudden I got a problem. 

So two problems.

  1. Cannot use the main Handle Throttle.

  2. Persistent message in white reversed out of Magenta colour “Multiple axes assigned to Throttle”.  I do not know which throttle it is referring to.  And I cannot get rid of it.

I have re-installed the aircraft but with no change.

I have not as yet re-downloaded the Drivers.

I noticed from your guide that I had a couple of controls assigned to multiple buttons just for ease.  I took all the controls out completely and this message still persists.


Charles Abela

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Hi Charles,

I am of the opinion you need to double check you throttle assignments starting with the joystick.

I will send you a private message.