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I am using a PUMA Pro Flight Trainer as my input device. I have already calibrated the controls in windows. I then calibrate them in XPlane. Oddly enough the throttle axis only has a glitch when I set it to control a throttle in game. If I set it to something like mixture it starts at 0% then goes to 100%. Throttle just starts at 50% then goes to 100% even though on the controller the throttle has only turned half way.

The issue goes away if I reverse the axis (but then the throttle is backward and not as it is in a real helicopter).

EDIT:  Here is a much better video:

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Hi Jpolloni,

I am not with Laminar Research; just a flight simmer.

Firstly you may have a conflict between the windows configuration and X-Plane config for the throttle.  I would suggest you delete the windows config and concentrate on X-Plane only.

Secondly there was a problem with the throttle control where the settings had to be reversed.  I understand that problem may have been fixed with a later version (11.20???).

Thirdly make sure you are running the latest version of X-Plane.  I understand there is or will be a 11.30 released for trying.  If you happen to be running a steam version any updates will always be behind the official version release from Laminar Research.  They are not the same product.

Good luck