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I have installed Xplane 11 from Aerosoft  DVD (with 6 additional Aerosoft Airports) on brand new Intel 6 core  I7 8700k 3.7 GHZ  16 GB RAM  ASUS Nvida RTX2700 8GB Win 10
PC is running without problems just Xplane11 is continously crashing after a few minutes in flight. Sometimes as Blue screen,sometimes returns to desktop, mostly frozen cockpit  with noise. Somtime I can return from freeze to desktop by ALT/CTRL Del and Task Manager. Oftern I need to switch off the PC 

Again no other issues with Win 10 om my PC

⦁ On the version 11.34r1  I run the download installer on more time and it checked all 98000 files.
⦁ I installed ASUS GPU Tweak  and checked the GPU Temperature. Not exceeding 38 C

⦁ I installed FuhrMark GPU Stress Test and no problem with Graphics up to 78 C ( I stopped there)
⦁ i moved the " Preference " folder  but it still crashes
⦁ I tried to move the plugin folder as recommendet, but after start, Xplane complains about missing  XPLM_64.dll and  After deleting all other files in the plugin folder, XPlane starts without "PLUGINS" in the menue,but no help...crash
⦁ Disable sound, all AI Planes removed, Logitech Stick removed  (use mouse). No help
⦁ Uninstalled  Bull Guard Security Software and use Win Defender..... No Help
⦁ Got update  to 11.35 but  crash

 I am newbie Simmer and need some experience help here. Enclose several log files. Thanks

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Hi,yes you are not alone,with crashing after update.I have the same problem,have disabled v sync?

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Hi Harry,

I am not from Laminar research; just a flight simmer from down under.

Like you I also have the Aerosoft disc pack.

To run the disc format of X-Plane you need to ensure you have disc 1 of the full set inserted into your optical drive at all times No other way otherwise your system will crash without warning or cause a crash whereby you will be limited to the demo version..

If you are running x-plane with disc 1 inserted  could you please attach your log.txt file again using the following link found at   for guidance.  The file required is the log.txt file generated immediately after a crash or when you shut down and not other files as you have previously done.  The extra files cause some confusion



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Hi Glen

Thanks for your fast reply. Yes I do run Xplane with the disc 1 inserted.

Can you open the link in my initial question?? All these files are exactly the log files you are looking for, but  from many crashes. They are usually called  log.txt

I just stored and re-named them with the date,month time and sometimes with the explanation of the different behaviour of the crash.  One has a weird PNG Warning another log has been produced after the upgrade to version 11.35.  Can you unzip and read them? Otherwise I make a link for each log file.

Thanks from Germany


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Hi Harry,

I was able to open the log.txt files especially the last one created after the XP11.35 upgrade.  The last generated log.txt file is always the important file to consider.

What I did notice in the files I looked at, your system crashes when you have performed some function within Windows settings.

I will send you a private message.