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Can somebody give me some straight forward instructions about getting Localizer and Glideslope to work in X-Plane 11. I understand there have been some changes and some files may need to be downloaded. But for the non-programmer, non-computer geek, it is frustrating. All I want is to be able to fly an ILS approach at any airport in a Cessna 172. It worked well until XP11 came out.

I have searched the internet and most of the answers I have found are very technical and also are three or four years old. This version of X-Plane apparently has some major changes in the way files are used.

Thanks in advance for your help. I am a newbie on this site so please excuse my ignorance.

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I’m not 100% sure what instruction you’re asking for.  But since you said ILS approaches “had worked well until XP11 came out”, I assume you’re quite familiar with the technique of shooting an ILS approach, but just somehow could not get one started with XP11.

Try this:

  1. Start your C172 at KSEA airport.  Open the XP11 Map and change its Mode to “IFR low enroute”

  2. You’ll see a bunch of localizer courses depicted for the KSEA airport.  Right click on one of those courses, a menu box will pop up describing the info for that ILS

  3. Select the “ILS Approach” option

X-Plane will set up the ILS frequency automatically for you and start the airplane, flying in midair, on course for the localizer.  You’ll just take over and fly.

That’s it.  There is nothing to download.  The ILS design in reality has not changed in decades, so there is nothing to make XP11 to be any different.  Nothing new to learn.

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I probably did not make myself clear. I understand loading the ILS, etc. My problem is that I am getting a "Navdata Out of Date" message on the G530 and G430. From what I have learned looking around the internet, I apparently need to update the navdata files. Apparently there are files that need to be in the x-plane_custom data folder. I am not sure exactly what files are needed or where to locate them.
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To update the navdata, you need to use a service such as Navigraph.  That should update the X-Plane’s navdata and create the GNS430 database under the Custom_Data folder as you’ve mentioned.  You do need to install and run a “Data Manager” software (by Navigraph) and a subscription service.  The monthly subscription costs about EUR 8.3/month.  However, if you do not require your navdata to be regularly updated, you can unsubscribe anytime.

This short video shows you how to do it: