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My X Plane 11 disabled every time the Better Pushback Plugins and AviTab… but the squaqbox is working and Headshakes do his Job. So my Version is a copy from my original Version and the Nav Database are out of date but i think this is not so neccesary for Plugins or are they? so i hope somoene can help me

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Hi Sandro15,

I am not from Laminar Research; just a flight simmer from down under.

What do you mean by ".....So my Version is a copy from my original Version...."?  Please explain?

Please attach your log.txt file.  Use the methodology explained in the attached link found at

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Waht i mean is, i bought X plane 11 on my Laptop and then i bought a real PC and i want the x plane 11 on my PC. 

So i do a second copy of my x plane 11 ( on the installer id says "do a second Copy") and i get the product key and then i typed the KEY on the real PC and it downloaded. So ist onlay a INFO but i think this is not neccesary because other Plugins worked on the copy but only Better Pushback and AviTab aren`t. 


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Hi Sandro,

Thank you for the attaching the log.txt file.

Having viewed the file and the X-Plane file structure details provided within the log.txt file  I am of the strong opinion you have not installed X-Plane correctly. because you have not created an X-Plane directory anywhere on your system for the software to be installed into.  Many other log.txt files I have viewed over the last 3 years have never been like yours.  Your installation looks like this "C:\Users/Sandro..../Desktop/....", This is not the standard installation  for the desktop.  As you scroll down through the Log.txt file there is no indication of any of the x-plane files being created and installed under a X-Plane root directory.

In the first instance you need to find/use a extremely good file removal software package to delete the files so that there are no remnant X-Plane files left behind.

You need to ensure you are logged in as the Administrator and your Antivirus/Malware software has been temporarily disconnected for the fresh install.

When done, and on the basis you want to use the desktop, perform a fresh installation making sure that you install as "C:\Users/Sandro...../Desktop/X-Plane/....."  where the "dots" after the X-Plane directory are the installed X-plane sub directories and files.  

Now before you start adding any other third party software eg plugins, scenery, aircraft etc., start x-plane to ascertain the software has been installed correctly and is working.

If working then add your plugins etc. one at a time starting with any hardware items with the yoke/throttle being installed first. 

As you are using the Thrustmaster T16000 yoke install this first  and then the TWC throttle.  When you install both these units make sure you do not allocate a single assignment to two or more buttons or levers or in reverse two or more assignments to a single button or lever.  This is important when both units are used together particularly the throttle lever on the joystick and the TWC throttle. 

Then add your third party plugin software, one at a time, making sure your system is still working before the next plugin is installed. If there is a problem with the system running after an installation treat that software as a suspect threat.

Then when finished update your NavData software.

The process It will take time.  Let me know the result when completed.

As a side issue you can still run X-Plane on your laptop as well as on your new PC provided you do not run both at the same time.  If you do you run the risk of being totally locked out for both installations as the software performs a silent background check on the validity of your installation.

 Good luck 


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thank you

I will try.

And it is possible to downloading x plane at volume storage? or it is better on dektop ?
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THank you very very much!

now everything is working
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Glad to know that I was of some help and everything is now working.

Safe landings