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I would like to download the base model of aircraft to then download liveries into, for example B727-100.  How do I download it so it shows in flight configuration so I can download liveries into that folder? I created a B727-100 folder in Aircraft and downloaded a livery but I do not see it.  Thanks!

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Hi jbentivenga,

I am not from Laminar Research; just a flight simmer from down under.

The B727-100 aircraft is not part of the standard list of aircraft supplied with XP11.  You have to purchase the aircraft from a 3rd party.  Generally these 3rd party aircraft have quite a few additional liveries included in the package.  If these extras meet your requirements then good luck.  If not, try running the aircfaft through Plane Maker which is supplied with the X-Plane software.

To install additional aircraft into XP11 the have a look at the following link found at     .Disregard the first part of the YouTube video and concentrate on the process in the second half.

Good luck.