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My directory and program tree seems different to suggested trees. I don't know where to move my new downloaded planes to on my computer.. My Menu in X-Plane seems different to what is described. I don't know if my program is working the way it should be working. The program and manual is written for Mars and I seem to be on Venus. {downloaded Cesna C1521 and cesna Alabeo) Where must I place the downloaded unzipped folders and what else do I need to do - How do I install or configure the files to be read by the X-:Plane program, starting from the main menu, I think I start from the "Steam" platform.

The X-plane program can't find or see my downloaded files and I can't do a manual search form X-Plane itself. My menu options and headings seems different to the manual.

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Hi, the answer is already on this website :
-From steam window, right click on X-plane, and you can find a way to browse X-plane files from there.
-unzipp your downloaded Cessna, place it in X-plane\aircraft
-Launch X-plane
-when selecting an aircraft, make sure you check the box "show aircraft from previous versions"
That should work.
All the best to you

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