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I purchased X-plane 10 on line did not know what to do with all the scenery , manual refers to using a DVD which I do not have how can I delet unwanted scenery do have to use the download again
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Hi Wallace,

I am not able to give you an official answer but I offer the following comment.

My PC setup is as follows:-

1. dedicated SSD "c" drive for my operating system and drivers;

2. dedicated "D'" drive for my "cd/dvd's";

3. dedicated SSD "E"drive totally for the running of X-plane 10;

4. dedicated "F" Hard Drive which is my "Hangar" drive used specifically for a "total" backup of X-plane 10.  If and when X-plane is updated I copy the directory from my "E" drive to the "F" drive.  This drive also contains all other software and or garbage I want to use other than X-plane.

In due course I want to delete all scenary and aircraft I consider I will never need or require from the "E" drive but I will still have that information on the "F" drive as a backup if I chose to utilise a particular aircraft or scenary area in the near future.  In other words I will not be doing a total delete from my computer.  The unnecessary files will be out of the way.

Not knowing what type of computer you have you may chose to do the same by adding an additional drive or add an external drive as an additional "hangar" backup drive for your system.

One thing you will need to be aware of is if you do an upgrade the "missing files" will be reinstalled with the upgrade.  Refer to the following from Wycliffe Barrett .  I have no connection with Wycliffe at all.

Hope this helps in considering what to do after/when you receive an official reply to your question.



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Hi Wallace, 

You can remove unwanted scenery in two ways:

  1. Run the installer again and pick the option for add/remove scenery (this is the much easier option because you look at the map to make your selection)
  2. Go to Global Scenery > X-Plane 10 global Scenery and delete (or move to another location/folder) the folders or individual files you want to get rid of

If you choose to locate the individual files and move them, you would not have to re-download them again to "re-install" them. Simply move them back into the Global Scenery folder you found them in originally.