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Just Installed X-Plane on Windows 10 on the default folder that the installer suggests: user/username/OneDrive/desktop/xplane11. Made no change. But after the installation, it doesn't run, saying that I moved the x-plane folder. And I didn't do such. How can a fix that?

I think I will try to delete everything I try reinstalling it.

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Hi Leo,

I am not from Laminar Research; just a flight simmer from down under.

X-Plane does run on windows 10.  Just about all flight simmers not running a Apple system or a Linux system are running Win 10 or Win 7.  It does work.

I am running a disc version of XP on a Win10 system and have just converted my Air Manager networked PC from Win7 to Win10.

I am of the opinion that you have allowed windows to take control of the installation rather than allowing X-Plane performing the installation.  The directory system or file structure you have  created will definately cause a problem.  X-Plane will not run in the "Cloud"  Only on your PC.

What you need to do is 

  1. Run a  good file removal program so that any remnants of X-Plane do not remain on your PC system.  If you don't you will continue to get file conflicts; then
  2. Commence the installation process again;  then
  3. When you are asked where you want the installation to be placed there will be a box showing the file structure arrangement; and
  4. there will be a tab beside the box titled "BROWSE" ; then 
  5. Hit Browse and make sure the X-Plane installation file structure is user/username/desktop/xplane11.  No other way unless you want to install X-Plane on a dedicated drive.
  6. The installation should be nowhere near any windows directories or you will continue to be locked out.    

Read the manual found at

Good luck.


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Thanks, friend. Just after I posted the question, I realised that the problem was probably that the installation was made in the cloud service.

Problem is that I'm not able to remove that installation and star a complete new one. It automatically install in the same directory, it doesn't allow me to change.

What about if I just transfer the x-plane folder out of the cloud root?

Or maybe you have a suggestion about that removal app for Windows.

I've been a Mac user for many years now, and have lost the hang of the Windows.
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Hi Leo,

I have seen the same problem before in this forum but never saw the outcome and cannot find the original posting.

I have just downloaded a digital version from Laminar's site onto my wife's brand new win 10 laptop.  In starting the installation I was confronted with an option to provide an installation name.  The default was X-Plane.

The screen also advised where the installation would reside.  Certainly not as you have indicated ie no indication of or suggestion in the cloud.  There was also a "box" asking if I wanted to change the download location.  I didn't

Not experiencing your problem I am of the opinion that the problem may be in the windows configuration when installed pushing any software to be loaded into the cloud.

Can you download/delete X-Plane from the cloud.  I don't know.  My wife is having troubles extracting photos so she can add them to her collection on her laptop.

Try your suggestion.  Before you do I will send you a private message.

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When running the X-Plane Installer, I can also see it offering me the choice of selecting the install destination (attached jpg).  Since you might have a previously installed copy (on OneDrive), make sure you first select a Clean Install (“Install a Second Copy” if applicable), as oppose to an “Update”.  

I have just one suggestion: Temporarily close your OneDrive (via the system tray, lower-right corner taskbar) to eliminate that as a possible source/destination.

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Thanks, friends. I decided to restore the Windows completely, as it was a new one and I wasn't going to loose anything.

It took sometime. But got the thing resolved.

The problem was that during the automatic Windows setup process, they ask if you want to save everything you ever put in the computer in the cloud service. As I was not familiar with the system, I obliged. Second time, I refused.
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Hi Leo,

Glad to know you are up and running