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I have a 4k moniter and have been running flyj 727 in the 1080 x 1980 resolution with little or no issues. I recieved the new pmgd d c 6 yesterday and loaded it up. The install was seemless and easy. I started looking around and found that the panels looked very milky flat. So i got the bright idea to bump up the resolution to 3850 x 2160

Wow what a difference, I loved it. Thats when things went bad. I have duel moniter setup one 4k the other 1080p with has worked out in past. first thing i noticed was that when the mouse passed from the 1080 moniter to the 4k the curser disappeared or only flashed on and off quickly. I am unable to change resolution back down. the frame rates are at a crawl, the click positions are not lining up at all with where i can point them. example i point to settings and the weather pops up. As you can see i have worked myself into a hole please help dan

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Try moving or renaming "your_xplane_folder/Output/preferences/X-Plane Screen Res.prf" (or failing that, the whole preferences folder).
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Thanks That worked perfectly.
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Glad to hear it. In that case could you vote-up and/or select the answer? (Yes, it scores me points; it also stops the question appearing in various "unanswered" lists.) Thanks :-)