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I have been trying to get the program to have two separate displays on each of my monitors (e.g. chase and cockpit) as I regularly do on my FS2014. I followed the instructions in the manual, whereby it told me to double the width pixel setting under the custom setting, and rather than the display stretching across my two screens, it went from the right hand screen out to the right, such that I could not see the selection boxes I needed to change, to get back to where I was before. I can only think I will have to re-install the complete software again, and still cannot see how I can get a different display (no problem duplicating the display) on my second monitor.

I have tried renaming the xplane_folder/Output/preferences/X-Plane Screen Res.prf file, but it made no difference.

I am running Windows 10, with two separate graphics outputs running as an extended display.

Any ideas, as this is a killer?

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You do not need to re-install X-Plane. Please try restoring all default settings by moving, renaming or deleting the preferences folder in the Output folder.

You can also try setting each monitor to full screen and then using the visual offsets to adjust the view. However, I don't think you will be able to get two different views (chase & cockpit for example), just different angles of the same view.
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Many thanks, I do hope that when 11 comes out of beta, it makes full use of the extra monitor(s) like FSX, as in other respects, the graphics are far superior. Steve
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Hi Steve,

My understanding is that X-Plane will probably never support multiple camera views (cockpit & chase for example) on multiple monitors. Our code is just not designed to handle more than one camera angle at a time. Changing that would be far too time and resource intensive (and risky) for our small team. We try to make improvements that have as much benefit for as many users as possible.