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Hello, is it possible to play in multiplayer? if yes, can you explain me how? 
I mean I only have to put the IP address or do I need to do more in detail what should I do? Is it true that the two xplane folders, mine and my friend's, must be the same and contain the same aircraft and the same scenarios?

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First go into a browser and look up your IP address (the IP address that x-plane gives you will not work).  Then go to the network tab in your x-plane settings and add a new multiplayer machine.  Your friend will need to type in your IP address and you will need to type in theirs.  I don't think your x-plane folders have to be the same.

I hope this will help.
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Thanks for the answer, I have already tried going on the browser and typing my IP address then inserted in the x-Plane network card I receive as an answer from X-Plane no answer maybe because the PCs must all be on the same network? or maybe because the ports must be enabled inside the router? we tried with the same version of X-Plane and we tried also with the help of a software called Hamachi that creates a virtual network but without result you have some other advice? thanks