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I recently bought X-Plane 10 and I needed to get scenery for Vatsim and when I installed the scenery then load up X-Plane, nothing changes.

Yes I did restart X-Plane  

https://gyazo.com/5fece9a3fa83c458e7bf31abdfd352fd this is KJFK and the scenery isn't working even though it's in the custom scenery folder

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From the filename I'm guessing this is the version on gateway.x-plane.com. As with anything from there that says "Artist: WEDbot", it's just a copy of what's already in X-Plane, and you can see it's listed as "2D" (no buildings).

I would usually consult apxp.info for alternatives; in this instance the only item listed there that isn't an add-on for payware or a broken link is "Ted's Scenery", though I've not tried that. Personally I bought New York Airports XP, which I can recommend, though it's expensive.

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