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As of today I have installed the remaining scerery off all scenery using the all selection button of the scenery installer program .  Firing up Xplane11 in the Washington area, more precise airport S52, I get a "Missing scenery" error" and a possibility to install the missing scenery.  When I push that button the installer starts and when it has checked my installed scenery files, no more scenery is left to download (0 MB).  When I start Xplane11 again in that region the "Missing scenery" error still occurs.
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I checked S52 and the scenery package looks OK.  I'll keep your question open.  You may need to re-install the scenery for that area.  I am including

 a screen shot I took of the area.  Matt

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The package is not the problem. When I select that location to start a flight from, I get the message "Missing scenery" while all world scenery is installed.  The message is as follows :

The region has missing scenery!
Areas with no scenery will have nothing but water around them.
The missing file is : +40-120/+49-120.dsf

Would you like to install the missing scenery now ?

When I push the button "Continue with Water Only", I start with a 3D airport (S52) but flying to the east will bring me to water only !

When I push the button "Install Missing Scenery", the installer starts but will tell me there's no more scenery to install !

Now  I"m not sure all scenery is installed and according to the installer all scenery is installed !
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Today I uninstalled and reinstalled all US scenery using the installer, the problem still exists.  

I also noticed 0 Mb files in D:\X-Plane 11\Global Scenery\X-Plane 11 Global Scenery\Earth nav data\+40-120.

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There was a bug in the installer that it allowed 0kb scenery files to be installed. This caused the installer to think they were installed when you try to add/remove scenery, but X-Plane couldn't use them and told you they were missing.

There is a new installer just available today that you can download here. There is a brand new option to "update scenery online" that will get the new scenery recut.

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Thank you, another bug removed. X-plane 11 is growing to perfection !

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