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After downloading, I unzip x-plane 11 and it asks me which file to use, what I need to know is which is the best place to store x-plane 11.


Tony Allen

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Hi Tony

As you know, we have corresponded before on various issues related to XP11 and on that basis, I assumed that you already had downloaded the software and were actively using it?

Having said that and in reference to your latest question, I do not believe that XP11 downloads as a zip compressed file, so I'm not sure what you are trying to 'unzip'?

Are you trying to use a valid copy of XP11 downloaded directly from Laminar Research, or some other third party?

If it is the former, then simply download the files using XP11 Installer and put the whole file structure straight onto your PC desktop or onto your main local hard drive i.e. C:\X-Plane 11.

If you need anything further, please ask?