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Hi there in all my add  on plane u name it 737,747, md88, a320 I get during flight suddenly dark cockpit ant after a while it turn back to normal brightness can someonehelp to solve that issue

Thanks AVivps
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Thanks for the answer, I think it very exaggerated it is not normal nature behave for sun position it is suddenly become dark and it happened in clear sky without any clouds. I think it's  x-plane bug.

thanks again


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Hi Avivps

I'm not with Laminar Research, just a fellow simmer in the UK.

I think you'll find that the cockpit going dark and then light again is quite normal, it's just the aircrafts location and position in relation to the sun and/or clouds, where areas of the cockpit are covered in shadow.

Mine does exactly the same thing and whilst it seems a bit exaggerated at times, it appears to be quite normal.

For that reason, I always have my instrument panel lights permanently switched on, even in daylight conditions.

Hope this helps?

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Can you please tell me how are you enable your interior lights to always be on. I am struggling with that
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Hi Znurtdog

Could you please advise which aircraft type you are referring to, as I can only help with the Zibo or default 737?