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After upgrading to Mac OS Catalina the program doesnt work properly. It keeps asking to run .XPL files and eventually stops responding. Please address this issue. Going back to Mojave is not an option for a pay software.

Provide support for the last OS version.
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I too add to the request for an update to fix problems with Catalina. Before I installed Catalina I had purchased the Aero Commander 690-B by Carenado. It worked perfectly. Now there are many problems and I feel like I've waisted my money. PLEASE FIX THIS!!!

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Frank Smith

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Hi Pintoag,

I am not with Laminar Research; just a flight simmer from down under,

I am not a Mac user but a Widows user.

What version of X-Plane are you running?  The current official reliable version for "normal or general" use is XP11.36 but the Beta version not currently released is XP11.40b6.  If you have downloaded the Beta version you need to read the document found at

Is your current downloaded version of the Mac OS the latest version available?  If so, my memory tells me from recent postings or YouTube videos from elsewhere the current Mac OS does not currently work with XP11.40  Beta.

I cannot help in any other way.


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macOS Catalina performs additional steps for plugin binaries that have been downloaded. They now also need to be code signed and "notarized", which they aren't.

Since macOS does that check only on "downloaded" content, and macOS flags "downloaded" content by setting an extended file attribute "", you can remove that attribute from the files to get rid of the check.

Open and enter the following to get an overview of what attributes your files in the plugins folder of X-Plane have:

xattr -rl "/path/to/your/X-Plane 11/Resources/plugins"

And to get rid of the quarantine flag for all plugin files:

xattr -rd "/path/to/your/X-Plane 11/Resources/plugins"

(change the "/path/to/your/X-Plane 11" to the appropriate thing for your X-Plane installation)

If you have airplanes that add functionality via binaries you might need to run this command in your aircraft folder as well.

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When X-plane starts up you need to press cancel on the popup screen about the .xpl files, then go to Security&Privacy and allow to load the unidentified .xpl files , close xplane and restart if you done it good you will not get any popup screens and X-plane wil run and load ...( sorry about my English  it's not my native language )