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i use nvidia surround to "stitch" two monitors which gives me higher frame rate than running two individual monitors in XP-11.

the only drawback, is that all XP windows and dialogues pop up in the center, and can't be moved.. and they're often obscured by the bezels of the monitors.

is there a setting file to adjust the default coordinates for popups?

here's a screenshot of my set up in action

Here's a photo of what i see when i open the menu:

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Hi dxblouie,

I am not from Laminar Research; just a flight simmer from down under.

Because you have configured ((stitched) your 2 screens within nvidia surround as a single screen your are getting your  visual problem.  NVidia surround should only be used for odd number of screen whereby the centre screen, subsequently the centre of your screen visual will give you the information you need instead of a split screen.

You need to have a good read of the user manual found at   

Although this reference deals with 3 screens (best effect ) it may be prudent to have a look at YouTube videos by MIchael Brown found in his overall video listing at and look for his video titles containg "using multiple screens"

Also have a look at videos from Russ Barlow found at  Perform the same search as advised for Michael.

Because you are not using three screens you need to set one of you screens as the main screen and the other screen as an additional view.  Both references advise and demonstrate how to set up the additional view..

The advice is to configure your screen setup within X-Plane.

My personal advice would be to acquire an additional 3rd screen making the setup very easy either using NVidia surround or within X-Plane.

Good reading and long viewing sessions.


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Thanks glenn..

i've been through all of your links in the past :) and i know my issue is due to using 2 stitched monitors rather than 3..

1. configuring the monitors individually from within XPlane using lateral view angles, while it looks and functions great.. my frame rate is 20-30% lower.. so that is NOT an option

2. my 2 monitors together are wide enough.. adding a 3rd monitor in the "stitch" is really not an option.. i fly GA stuff and my field of view with the two wide screens is pretty decent (see my screenshot)

3. even if i add a 3rd monitor.. i would still like to have the dialogues moved away from the center, as i fly on one monitor, and use the others for peripheral vision (as the yoke is not in the center of the plane in my case.. kinda like when driving a car!)

the idea is to find the setting from deep within the xplane files, the values that dictate the location of the windows... as i'm pretty certain that isn't hardcoded..

i do have a smaller 3rd screen that i'll be configuring as a separate 2D monitor with some instruments on it, so that won't help with the stitching issue...

nonetheless, i appreciate your help! always good to bounce ideas back and forth
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I will send you a private message