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Hi all,

I have created a VTOL jet model model that uses 4 jet engines to take off and has a 5th engine for forward thrust. I use and external controller via the UDP interface to set the throttle to each individual engine so I'm able to take off, pitch, roll and yaw. It works beautifully on X-Plane 10 but when I tried migrating to X-Plane 11 it just won't behave the same!

It feels like that on XP11 the engines are either full on or full off, there's no in between power output.

I've tried using both JET1 and JET2 options but both behave the same. I wanted to upgrade to XP11 due to the better graphics but this is being really frustrating!
Am I missing something?

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Hi Pietro,

I am not from Laminar Research; just a flight simmer from down under.

I had to consult Dr Google to ascertain what a UDP was.

X-Plane 11 is a totally different package to X-Plane 10.  Many planes used in XP10 will not work in XP11 unless they have been designed or modified for XP11.

In your situation you could try to download your current XP10 aircraft into the XP11 version of Planemaker and then save as a XP11 version.  This may solve your problem regarding your home made aircraft.

Regarding your hardware, all hardware has to be installed through X-Plane.  No other way.  Not even through your PC operating system or using the software supplied with your hardware controllers. The hardware software should be totally removed ie no traces, from your system before you calibrate through X-Plane.  In addition the hardware should have USB2.0 connections.

In calibrating your hardware you need to ensure you do not assign 2 or more buttons  or levers to the one process or 2 or more processes to the one button or lever..

Hope this has helped in some way.


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Hi Glenn,

Thanks for replying to my question.

Unfortunately I tried loading my plane both without changing anything from XP10 and also what you suggested (opening it on Plane Maker 11 and saving it as a new plane) and got the same results. I even tried quickly putting up a new plane together using PM11 and saw the same behaviour.
All the best!
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Hi Pietro,

I am not able to advise any further.

Good luck.