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Can anyone of you tell me why my aircraft keep shutting down in flight? The engine just randomly shuts down multiple times during flight.

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Hi Lartsu,

I am not from Laminar Research; just a flight simmer from down under.

You have asked the equivalent of "How many lollies in the lolly jar".  You need to provide more details so that others can try and help.

  1. What is your operating system?
  2. Where or how did your purchase X-Plane from?
  3. Are you running steam version or a genuine, original, official true version from Laminar Research?  If it is a steam version then your are in the wrong forum,  Steam is a 3rd party modified hybrid version and not dealt with in this forum.
  4. What is your current update version?  The latest is XP11.40 rc1.
  5. Are you using  a digital download or a DVD version?  Either version requires you to be connected to the internet at all times as the software performs a silent background check to ascertain if you are running a legal version.
  6. What aircraft are your trying to fly?

Please attach your log.txt file so that I and others with a greater knowledge base than me can try a determine what may be causing your problem.

To attach the file following the guidelines developed by Greengolfer15 in the following link found at