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I tried moving plugins and custom scenery and still is the same. Another log file attached


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Based on the log file, it looks like not *all* plugins have been removed---your aircraft "_FJS_732_TwinJet_11602161042" is still loading SASL and one other custom plugin.

If I had to guess, I'd say that's probably the culprit. Try temporarily moving that aircraft out of your installation and see if it fixes the crash.
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I removed FJS 732 and I was able to complete a 2 hour flight. Seemed to work but how can I fly the FJS732??
asked Jun 17, 2016 by (24 points)
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How can I fly the FJS 732 with sasl
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Unfortunately, this looks like a bug in the plugin itself; you'll have to contact the developer of the aircraft and see if they can fix it.
asked Jun 18, 2016 by (24 points)
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Still Crashing after plugins removed