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I have removed all plugins and it still crashes. Flew for about an hour. See attached log file

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Two things: first, you do *not* need to start a new question for each response; there's a little speech-bubble "comment" button that you can use to discuss an answer.

Second, the log you attached shows a clean shutdown, so it's not as useful as it might be (but, then again, I kind of doubt the log from the crash would add anything new). Just so you're aware, the log file gets overwritten each time you launch X-Plane, so I suspect what happened was:

  1. you flew for an hour and got a crash,
  2. you later restarted X-Plane, and
  3. you sent the log from the later run.

Finally, on the assumption that the log won't reveal anything new, I'm wondering about the generally stability of the system. If it took an hour for the crash to occur, and it doesn't appear to be related to what/where you're flying, my best guess is that your system is overheating. (Running X-Plane (or a video game, for that matter) pushes the system to its limits, and after enough time, if the system's cooling isn't keeping up, the machine can overheat and cause (random) errors.)

We could rule out overheating on the graphics card by running a GPU stress test like FurMark for a couple hours, and you can rule out overheating on the CPU by running Intel's Burn Test at max settings for an hour or so.

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It could be a hardware issue such as inadequate power (Power Supply), good CPU cooling, or a failing GPU.