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After upgrading to 10.45 from 10.02r1 add-in aircraft won't show in either Quick Start or Open Aircraft.  in an attempt to resolve the issue I have:

  1. Deleted the x-plane 10 folder with 10.45 upgrade
  2. Reinstalled x-plane 10.02r1
  3. Added the Falcon 7x aircraft from the x-plane download site
  4. confirmed that the Falcon 7x is available from Quick Flight
  5. Re-upgraded to 10.45
  6. Confirmed the Falcon is no longer available for selection
  7. Re-scanned the aircraft - no joy.
  8. Confirmed the Falcon 7x folder is indeed under x-plane 10\aircraft\general aviation
  9. Moved  the StinsonL5 aircraft from the Aircraft folder
  10. Confirmed the Stinson was no longer available for selection in Open Aircraft or Quick Flight.
  11. Put the Stinson back in the Aircraft Folder
  12. Confirmed the Stinson was available for selection again, but the Falcon 7x never shows up after the upgrade.

log.txt is attached.

imageDownload file

Thanks!  David

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Hi David,

I cannot reproduce this on my Mac. It will be a few days before I have access to a Windows computer to see if it's OS specific. In the meantime, please double check that you have unzipped the file completely and don't have too many folders in between the General Aviation folder level & the .acf file.

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I believe I have found the problem.  Somehow, the .acf file was deleted from the falcon 7x folder.  Once I located and replaced it, all seemed to be OK.