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I am thinking of moving away from FSX to X-Plane 10. I saw a view where loads of new features were being pumped into v10.50? If I bought the latest version now (Off Steam), would I get updates to 10.50 (Which I think is also being spoken about online as v11)?


Or should I wait?

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Hi Cralis,

Just to clarify: X-Plane 10.50 is NOT 11.

10.50 has lots of new features, but a lot of what we talked about at FlightSimCon is not in 10.50, and will instead come in a future version of X-Plane.

Buying X-Plane 10 gets you everything through 10.99 (if it exists), but not "X-Plane 11" (when it's announced at some point in the future). We do not have a release date for the next major version of X-Plane.
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Thanks for that.
Is the an upgrade from major to major usually,  or will we need to buy 11 outright when it's released.

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When the next major version is released, it will be a new product and will require a new purchase.