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Upon starting XP, I immediately get the following error...

This first appeared two days ago immediately upon opening XP after doing only one thing different... One night while my PC was completely off, I unplugged the Ethernet cable between my network card and my router. The next time I turned on my PC, it asked me to connect to my router wirelessly. I did so and about an hour later, I opened XP and the error appeared.

Desperately guessing at what it could be and not finding anyone else inquiring about it online, I turned off the PC, reconnected the Ethernet cable, and proceeded to open XP again. The error appeared a second time and has continued to appear ever since. This was two days ago and four more attempts.

As of tonight I tried a fresh reinstall to no avail. Any help is much appreciated.

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Try checking your firewall. Remember that some features of X‑Plane require that X‑Plane be able to communicate across your network including networked multiplayer flights or multi-computer simulations. You can read more here.

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That is a good point and one I forgot to mention I had tried. I double checked to make sure that the x-plane.exe program was allowed. The box for private was already check marked, but I check marked the public box as well to be sure. Unfortunately, the problem did not go away. I will try completely disabling my firewall and see though. Thank you for the contribution!

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