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In X-plane 10 I use network Dataref-Out to drive my external GPS. The format of the output is like this examples.


In X-plane 11 I also use the Dataref-Out in the same way but here is the output not in the same format at all. See exemples here.

In the Data Output page it clearly says that "Datarefs will be written and read as $+comma-separated strings."

Am I doing something wrong or why don't I get the output I expected?

Regards Pontus.

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If it changed that much it might be a bug. You can file a bug report here. Please give as much specific information as you can--exactly how you set it up in X-Plane and where you see the output (screenshots comparing the output between versions would be helpful, for example).

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Ok I have now filed a bug report included screenshots in a ZIP-file.

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Confirmed this looks like a real bug and we're investigating now why this changed.

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