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A couple of days ago I tried to take off at KJFK. I pulled up and at 5ft. above ground I got a press any key to continue message. I pressed a key and the same message came up again after about half a second. This was repeated over and over again. When I didn't press any key X Plane froze until I pressed another key.

Thanks for any advise you can give me!
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Can you provide some more information? What plane were you using? Does this happen any time you use X-Plane? Or only when you use that specific plane at that specific airport? Can you provide a checklist of specific steps to reproduce this issue? Such as 1. Start X-Plane 2. Load the Cessna on runway # at KSEA, etc.
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This happened the last few times I've been using X-Plane. This has been happening with all plane and airport combinations. I forgot to mention that it started on its own, not after downloading any third party add-ons or X-Plane updates.

Steps to reproduce:

Start X-Plane, Select plane and airport of your choice, Take off,  Press any key to continue.

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This started happening on my Windows 10 pc. I'm guessing that OS is not officially supported yet? I get this upon trying to even load x-plane. I'm not sure if it started when I downloaded 10.42 or before when I was at 10.41. It's unfortunate that there is not a way to back up one version. I hate having to backup the entire 200GB folder when I want to upgrade. It does not happen on my Windows 7 machine that has been upgraded to 10.42.
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One thing you can try to just get flying again is moving the Preferences folder out to the desktop (it's in the Output folder). X-Plane will then start with the intro video as if it were a new install. Sometimes that can get you going again if a setting was accidentally changed, or if there is a problem with a scenery pack or plane.

To troubleshoot this more, please upload a copy of your full log.txt. Please start X-Plane and run until you have the problem, then quit. Without starting any other LR programs, attach the log.txt to a response to this question. (I believe you can upload a file if you click on the image button. The option isn't there for comments though.)
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Thank you very much for the suggestion. I will do it as soon as possible.