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Hello every time I try to launch the game it crashes, I have no mods, and it worked on my old pc.

I have a Asus G551JX with 8 go of ram and a gtx 950M. All my updates or done and I didn't found a solution.

This is the log.txt that X-plane gave me:

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After updating to version 10.41r3 I had similar problem (win10 x64).

One solution found on was to re-initialise the Preferences folder by removing the existing (rename it preferencesold or similar).  This forces the app to create a new Preferences folder, albeit with all the default settings.  Means you will have to go back and redo all your preferred settings. ugh!
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You can also try running the installer and selecting "update." It will check for modified files (maybe something got changed accidentally) and you can choose to overwrite them to restore them to the default.
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Sorry it still didn't work and they say I have the last version. I really don't know whats going on? If somebody knows a way to send a crash error with out the xplane app (because it crashes every time).
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I will try running it with a new installer. I saw that this technic also worked. I have to install all the game again.
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What was the outcome? :-)