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Dear x palne Team,



     Sir i was very eager to buy this xplane 10 , so for this reason i bought new laptop configure windows 10, 2.2 ghz processor ,8  GB RAM 360 hard disk and  1 GB graphic card . after  that i bought a320 neo from xplane  website then  from  the same  website  i bought   Xpalne  10 (via internet download) after  doing  all this still  my PFD AND ND ,extra MENU like GPU not able to switch on battiers and other  buttons by  mouse . so sir  please  help  me in solving this  issue as i am eager  to learn this plane .


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Hi atishay,

I was not able to reproduce any issues with the A320. Please double check that you have the plane & all plugins installed correctly. I believe the plane always starts cold & dark so look for the "hot start" icon on screen to automatically start it.

If you have additional problems, please check with the developer for support.