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When I insert the first DVD and try to open "X-plane 10 Installer" nothing happens. It will not open. I hope you will be able to advise me to solve this problem.

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The installer on the DVD may be too old to run on the latest Mac OS. Please try downloading the Mac installer from here on the X-Plane website.

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I did a fresh install and could not access scenery or calibrate controls. Do I need a newer copy of Xplane 10?
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You will also need to have DVD 1 in the drive in order to get out of demo mode & see scenery other than KSEA.
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Thank you. My version of X plane is 10.25. I guess a newer version may be more compatible with El Capitan. Keep the faith! I'll keep trying.
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The current version of X-Plane is 10.42. I have copies of 10.36, 10.42 & 10.45 (in beta) running well on El Capitan.

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