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i have looked this up online and have found a conclusion that X plane over exadurates the rudder movement from the air coming from the propeller. In real life, the Cessna does not pull to the left so violently. This makes the plane uncontrollable. I have to wrestle with the joystick to get it to fly somewhat normal. I have calibrated my joystick many times and it works fine with other aircraft. I was wondering if there is a fix for this or some sort of mod or any technique to help me control this. How can I fix this so that my Cessna flys like normal? Is it like this on other people's X plane?
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Totally agree with you. X Plane "Best simulator in the world" with its super scientific "blade element theory"... and they are not able to simulate a realistic pull to the left in the Cessna 172.

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Hi TolgaNuke,

I know that the C172 pulls left in real life due to the rotation of the propeller, but if it pulls TOO much in X-Plane, please file us a bug and include any documentation you have to support your claim. Maybe a video of the X-Plane behavior vs. real life? It might be hard to control for all the variables though. Maybe use the online source that claims X-Plane exaggerates the pull.

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I have the same problem and I am a Cessna 150 and 172 pilot , They just do not pull like this to the left. X-plane 172 is very difficult to keep it straight because of the extreme pulling to the left. Also my X-plane 172 creeps up down left and right this is also not normal
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What I see is an unrealistic amount of weathervaning. Take a look at your winds at your airfield. My C-172 pulled right or west while facing south and the winds were a direct crosswind at 270/10. When I went to the other end of the runway and pointed North, it pulled left this time back towards west again. So I believe there is a abundance of weathervaning that is a touch high.
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No need for all caps. :)