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I am planning on getting a new computer for my system with greater processing power. In doing this I will be putting Windows 10 on this new computer/the student computer. If the instructor computer is still running Windows 7 enterprise will X-Plane still work connected by ethernet between the two computers, or will I need to get Windows 10 for this other computer as well?

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There should not be a problem. Remember that some features of X‑Plane require that X‑Plane be able to communicate across your network. These features include networked multiplayer flights, multi-computer simulations and integration with apps on mobile devices or tablets.In order for your computer to “see” the other computers in the situations above, you must first allow X‑Plane to communicate through your firewall.
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As ScruffyBaton4 noted, the version of Windows shouldn't make a difference, but the version of X-Plane can. It's best to keep the version the same on each computer or weird, seemingly inexplicable things could happen.