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I've been having this issue for a while and am really starting to become desperate now. X-Plane 10.45 crashes 30-60 minutes into the flight.

I've removed plugins, updated x-plane, tweaked hardware and nothing seems to help.

I haven't run X-Plane again so the logs are still "fresh". Any help appreciated.


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Hi MadMckMax,

This log does not show that you uninstalled any plugins or custom scenery. There is a lot of plugin info and the list of custom scenery is quite long. Also, if you crash, please always send the report if the automatic report box comes up.

First I would recommend that you move your install to the desktop. Here is a good explanation of why installing it anywhere else often causes issues.

Then try your flights again and see if that helps.

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That last time I did indeed have scenery and plugins running, because I figured that they are not causing the crash, therefor why not leave them running.

I'll try running from desktop, thanks.